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Article: Summer inspiration: What to Pack For Your Next Adventure in 2023

woman on a sailing boath smiling
merino wool

Summer inspiration: What to Pack For Your Next Adventure in 2023

There is nothing that beats the feeling of a summer vacay just around the corner. The feeling of breeze in your hair, sun against bare skin, and some wine and dine late o'clock. So where does your next dream destination go? We got your summer inspiration and luggage covered!

1. Surrounded by sea

You really can’t go wrong with a summer holiday close to water. The ocean just has that super power: It cures mad moods!

And the same goes for the coral pieces from We Norwegians’ SS23 collection. I mean, just look at the happy color itself? Make sure to mix and blend based on your comfort level—whether that is a full coral red outfit or a mix of beige and coral.

summer by sea

2. The lush escape

If you are after a slice of stillness for your next vacation—the calmness of the wood and the mountains simply cannot be compared. Whether you are out exploring the natural scenery or just chilling at the cabin, this type of vacay is all about comfort so make sure to pack your bags accordingly. Psst! Don’t forget your go-to MARSTEIN sweater for those chilly evenings at the terrace.

Woman and man on sailing boat
summer in the woods​​

3. Big city summer break

Are you more into the hum of a vibrant city like Paris, New York, or Berlin for your ultimate summer break—this section is for you. And we can really resonate: The urge to go window shopping down the boulevard, followed by some people-watching and late-night snack under the moon. While cities in the summer often are extremely hot, the key is to pick an outfit that breathes. 

Make sure to check out our SALTHOLMEN and SEIL collections for the perfect breeze. And of course: Stay hydrated! 

Girl posing in merino wool clothes
summer in the city​​

4. Swim, surf, spa

Last stop: wild sandstorm beaches, beautiful landscapes and smooth silk skin! We are of course talking about that vacation where activities are a natural part of the itinerary. Whether that is an early morning surfing session, a scooter ride to the neighborhood village or simply a massage to ease those hard muscles after your daily hike. And the outfit? Well, we would make a bold statement that the whole SS23 collection matches this vacation. Imagine that: A suitcase filled with We Norwegians!

summer by the ocean

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