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Merino Wool Care Guide

Wool is a marvel of nature. If cared for in the right way, your wool garment can last a lifetime. For proper care, don’t wash your wool garment too often. Let it air out after each use and it will feel fresh for the next wear. When your garment does need a wash, use the wool setting on your washing machine with temperature set to 30 degrees, and use detergent especially for wool (no bleach). Shape the garment when it’s still wet and lay flat to dry.

Washing Symbols
You can not wash wool with normal washing detergents as it usually have enzymes in it that fades the colour of the wool garment. Some washing detergents are so strong that it cause thinning and holes. You should always use detergents made specially for wool. If you need any care products for wool you will find them here. 
Here are some quick tips from Tove how to take care of your wool garments.