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Wool Care

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Classic Antistat spray 225ml
Classic Antistat spray 225ml Sale price199,00 kr
Classic Flekkfjerner 150ml
Classic Flekkfjerner 150ml Sale price199,00 kr
Classic Tøyshaver batteridrevetClassic Tøyshaver batteridrevet
Classic Tøyshaver mini batteridrevetClassic Tøyshaver mini batteridrevet
Classic Vaskenett 90x60 cm
Classic Vaskenett 90x60 cm Sale price149,00 kr
Durance Dish Washing Detergent - Mint/Verbena 1000ml
Durance Liquid Textile Detergent - Lavender 1000ml
Durance Liquid Textile Softener - Lavender 1000ml
Durance Multi Purpose House Cleaner - Lavender 1000 ml
På Stell Lemon Foam - Instant Stain RemoverPå Stell Lemon Foam - Instant Stain Remover
På Stell Lemon Soap - The Stain RemoverPå Stell Lemon Soap - The Stain Remover
Ullnål 0,5mm | Skjul Løse Tråder