Rudolph Aftersun Repair Spray 150ml

171,50 kr 245,00 kr


Aftersun Repair Spray rescues your skin after a day out in the sun - even if you have been unlucky enough to burn. The product is rich in active, natural ingredients: cucumber extract that cools and moisturizes, soothing aloe vera, sea buckthorn full of antioxidants and argan extract that adds nourishment and moisture with essential fatty acids. The nourishing spray can also be used as a refreshing and lightly cooling mist on the beach between dips in the sea and application of sun cream.


Apply After Sun Repair Spray over clean and dry skin after a day in the sun and enjoy the fine and light texture that feels like a refreshing drizzle of warm summer rain against the skin.


  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan Trademark Certificate
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel